Kim Kapellusch

Interior Designer

I have had some health issues recently and because I don't cook, I am constantly on the look out for solutions for complete meals that are pre-made, convenient and healthy. While some of these types of items are available at the healthier grocery stores, they are often laden with unnecessary and lower quality ingredients, and in my opinion, barely scoring beyond mediocre when it comes to flavor. I was thrilled when I came across a Plate Therapy article in the SCV magazine as a possible means to an end for my quest in healthier eating. I didn't expect to have all my desires met but was hopeful when I saw the ingredients and beautiful pictures on the website - everything looked and sounded so delicious and even healthier than I was able to find elsewhere. I placed my first order in anticipation and couldn't have been more delighted with the food!! Everything was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of flavor. Not only are the portion sizes spot on, but the ingredients are in proportion to each other, ensuring perfect balance to the very last bite. I can tell Plate Therapy meals are made with care and attention to every detail by someone who has great passion for what they do - hats off to the Chef! The staff was also great - I was greeted on my first pick up with helpful information to healthier eating and a personal note from Danielle. Thank-you Danielle for what you are doing. Everyone can afford to be a little healthier!