Jessica Moultries

Presidential Diamond Doterra

As a Mom of 3 young, active kids, a Business Owner and also someone who values my health, I found it harder and harder to eat healthy and complete all the tasks on my plate. I was so very thankful when I was introduced to Plate Therapy. I had been suffering from major digestive issues, but with such limited time, found myself eating out constantly. This only made matters worse. My first week of Plate Therapy was like a breath of fresh air. Not only did my digestive issues decrease, I was also able to have access to eat clean, healthy, organic foods at any meal time. Plate Therapy worked with me to help me identify ingredients that may trigger issues in my digestive system. The ordering system allows me to personally select the meals that would sit well with me and have those delivered to my door each week. Many times eating healthy can be really boring, bland and monotonous. Not with Plate Therapy. Their menu offers a selection of meals you would never make on your own! Flavorful, creative and well balanced foods that taste delicious! I feel so blessed to know the people making my food not only care about my experience, but are passionate about helping busy people have access to foods that give us the ability to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.