Emily Epstein

In House Attorney

I have long since realized that I don't enjoy cooking and finding healthy, affordable food for one is challenging at best. Since I don't enjoy cooking, while I have tried the ingredients/recipe delivery services, I have not enjoyed them as they require cooking plus they frequently have a ton of plastic that needs to be thrown away. And, as a lawyer who spends a fair amount of time in depositions and in hotels, I am often not even around my kitchen. This makes it hard to eat the way I want much of the time.

When I moved to Santa Clarita, I used a delivery service for a while. It was fine but not organic and the meals got boring. Soon after, I was tested for food sensitivities and realized I had been overeating certain vegetables, which may have caused the sensitivities. I was told to not eat any legumes for the foreseeable future. So, while trying to "heal my gut", I found myself rather depressed at my lack of options. Spent a few days moping and then I saw a Plate Therapy truck drive by. I quickly looked at the website and was very excited. After my first delivery, I was elated. Beyond tasting great and having fabulous options, what originally set Plate Therapy apart was the customer service. Danielle and her team bend over backwards to accommodate my needs. And the menu and ordering just keeps improving. Cheesy as it may be, I now think of Danielle as my friend; a friend who brings me really wonderful food.

In addition, I love how portable everything is. I bring meals to work, to hotels, and on airplanes. It makes eating healthy so much easier not to mention affordable. I am so thrilled to have found Plate Therapy and would recommend it to anyone looking for delicious and nutritious food.