Amandalynn Sawyer

Creative Director, Inside SCV Magazine

I started using Plate Therapy in April in an attempt to recover my health after a hard pregnancy followed by a severe back injury. I consistently felt lethargic and was at the lowest health point of my life.

I needed to learn how to eat the right foods to fuel my body, but chasing a toddler around (while injured) made time and - let's face it - thought processes difficult. I loved the ease of ordering online and knowing I would have a week's worth of fresh, delicious, healthy foods for Sunday delivery!

My family is pretty adamant about eating dinner together so I only order two meals a day (breakfast and lunch) and follow the Paleo cheat sheet that the Plate Therapy folks sent along on their first delivery as best as I can at dinner time.

The elimination process was enlightening as well. When my persistent daughter force-fed me a corn chip (Just one!), I blew up like a balloon! Turns out that I am allergic to corn - something that I consumed regularly for years! (And sadly, corn is in almost everything!)

I was most surprised that I don't really miss the things that I loved before, like bread and cheese. I used to CRAVE mac and cheese and grilled cheese on the regular, and even when I steal a taste of my daughter's deliciousness, it just doesn't seem as good. One bite is plenty. Instead I crave fruit and, of course, PT's paleo chocolate chip cookies!

The result? In just 4 months not only am I feeling more energetic, but as a great side effect, I have lost 19 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. (Paired only with very low-impact Pilates as a form of physical therapy.).

Favorites? Well, I am IN LOVE with the Salmon Cakes and the Butternut Squash Lasagna. I might marry one if I could choose between the two!