Ali Landry

Actress, Host

I have tried numerous meal delivery services over the years and when I saw what Plate Therapy was doing I knew it was different and totally worth trying. My doctor recommended that I start following a Paleo diet about a year ago for health reasons so I have been exploring the diet on my own for awhile now. The only problem was I was making the same recipes over and over and I was getting pretty bored. Plate Therapy not only breathed new life into my diet with the most beautiful and delicious dishes, but getting meals delivered to my door freed up so much time and energy. Food was one less thing I had to worry about!!!!! I also like to consider myself somewhat of a foodie. I really appreciate the whole experience of a meal. Everything from the presentation, to the creativity and of course the flavors and how well they combine together. Plate Therapy gave me all of the above! Definitely my go to meal service!!!!!