Since day one, our clients have been invigorated, passionate promoters of our brand and are eager to share their stories of weight loss, muscle gain, inflammation reduction, improved mood, better sleep and more. These stories of transformation and therapeutic results actually inspired our name “Plate Therapy”.

A Few Happy Customers


Ali Landry

Actress, Host

I have tried numerous meal delivery services over the years and when I saw what Plate Therapy was doing I knew it was different and totally worth trying. My doctor recommended that I start following a Paleo diet about a year ago for health reasons so I have been exploring the diet on my own for awhile now. The only problem was I was making the same recipes over and over and I was getting pretty bored. Plate Therapy not only breathed new...


Rae and Dave Auge

Thank you Plate Therapy for helping our family find a healthy balance. With the chaos of everyday life, I am thankful we can stock our fridge with healthy, convenient and delicious options.


Jessica Moultries

Presidential Diamond Doterra

As a Mom of 3 young, active kids, a Business Owner and also someone who values my health, I found it harder and harder to eat healthy and complete all the tasks on my plate. I was so very thankful when I was introduced to Plate Therapy. I had been suffering from major digestive issues, but with such limited time, found myself eating out constantly. This only made matters worse. My first week of Plate Therapy was like a breath of fresh...


Michael Wright

CEO Amblin Partners

In an over-scheduled, over-stressed, over-whelmed life, it’s too easy to ignore the basic things we all need to keep ourselves healthy – exercise, rest, and proper nutrition. Plate Therapy can’t get you in the gym, or make you go to sleep earlier, but they can help you eat right. Their food is delicious, easy, and comes right to the front door. So I’m still working on the gym and sleep thing, but at least I know I’m eating well!


Tammi Chase-Wright

Producer/ Former Talent Manager/ CEO of the Wright family

Two years ago, I broke my knee and tore my ACL. A year later I found myself still needing to wear my knee brace daily. PLATE THERAPY was a game changer. It helped me to fully recover, in fact, I can't remember the last time I had to put my brace on. This food is so delicious, fresh, homemade and delivered right to your door. I love you Plate Therapy, thanks for keeping me strong!


Jeff Probst & Lisa Russell

When Danielle and Ryan first mentioned the idea for Plate Therapy, we were instantly intrigued. After she explained the menu and the way she was going to prepare the food, we were sold!

We immediately said, "We'll be your first customers!" The food started arriving the following week and we were hooked.

It has changed my entire approach to food. Sugar is basically gone from my diet and I haven't missed it. I'm as lean as I've...


Tina Weidenkeller

Ironman triathlete

I’m an Ironman triathlete; I work a full time job with travel & I like to eat healthy but with my schedule sometimes that’s hard. I’m so happy I found Plate Therapy because now I know I can eat healthy. Chef Thatcher’s meals are healthy, real food that tastes good. He’s an amazing chef & knows how to pair fresh food with the right amount of spices to taste good & be good for you. And it’s not the same meals week in & week...


Kevin Richardson

Musician/ Backstreet Boy

When I need to get back into touring shape, I have to eat clean and healthy. Plate Therapy allows me to do it in an easy and delicious way.

My wife and I know how to cook and eat healthy, but the hardest part is our busy schedules and lifestyle. It takes time to plan, shop and prepare a healthy tasty meal.

When I was calorie counting I would have frozen portioned meals when we didn’t have the time or energy to cook something. Now...


Tom Danford

As a type 1 diabetic for over 32 years, I have maintained a very strict exercise, diet and insulin regiment. However, prior to eating Plate Therapy on a daily basis, my a1c tests we're averaging 7.5 (normal range of 3.5 - 6.5) for the last 10 years, and I tried everything I could to attain optimal control. Moreover, I was diagnosed with non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy which can lead to blindness.

After the last 6 months of...


Kyle and Bernie Long

We love Plate Therapy! We have crazy busy lives, and really needed a solution to eating healthy and not just whatever was left over on our kids' plates. We tried many different food delivery services and none of them compared to Plate Therapy. It's so fresh, and always delicious! We actually crave it! Not to mention, Danielle and Ryan couldn't be more helpful and supportive. You can tell that they really care about food and how impacts their...


Jeanna Crawford

President, SC Publishing, Inc.

I'm finally getting the “therapy” I so desperately need!

I’ve been “in treatment” with Plate Therapy for 45 days and I am feeling like the BEST VERSION OF ME. It's a joke around my office that I'm so mentally focused that I'm dangerous. As a girl who has always gotten a lot done, I'm making my “old self” look lazy!

It took me 40 years to figure out food. I'm so eternally grateful to Plate Therapy’s masterminds Danielle McPartlin...


Melanie Martel Rockett


I have been doing Plate Therapy for a month now and I have never seen such a difference just by changing the way I eat! I initially wanted to try this for health benefits because I have autoimmune disease. I was hoping it would calm down inflammation. Not only did I start feeling better but I unexpectedly lost 4 pounds in the process. I am happy to make the lifestyle change! With my busy schedule, it's nice to have organic healthy whole food...


Amandalynn Sawyer

Creative Director, Inside SCV Magazine

I started using Plate Therapy in April in an attempt to recover my health after a hard pregnancy followed by a severe back injury. I consistently felt lethargic and was at the lowest health point of my life.

I needed to learn how to eat the right foods to fuel my body, but chasing a toddler around (while injured) made time and - let's face it - thought processes difficult. I loved the ease of ordering online and knowing I would have a...


Emily Epstein

In House Attorney

I have long since realized that I don't enjoy cooking and finding healthy, affordable food for one is challenging at best. Since I don't enjoy cooking, while I have tried the ingredients/recipe delivery services, I have not enjoyed them as they require cooking plus they frequently have a ton of plastic that needs to be thrown away. And, as a lawyer who spends a fair amount of time in depositions and in hotels, I am often not even around my...


Kim Kapellusch

Interior Designer

I have had some health issues recently and because I don't cook, I am constantly on the look out for solutions for complete meals that are pre-made, convenient and healthy. While some of these types of items are available at the healthier grocery stores, they are often laden with unnecessary and lower quality ingredients, and in my opinion, barely scoring beyond mediocre when it comes to flavor. I was thrilled when I came across a Plate...


Amanda Michaud

The challenge is over and I could not be happier with my results. Down a total of 16.5 inches, but most importantly I have more energy and immense improvements in mental clarity, my issues with carpal tunnel have disappeared along with my tummy issues, my skin is clear and the dark circles under my eyes are gone (and that's saying a lot considering I have 3 children between 4yrs and 6mo and have not slept thru the night in nearly 5 years)....